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What is The Australia Project - About Us:


Our Vision

Our vision and end goal is to unite all Australians seeking liberty, truth, well-being and health.

We envisage that our freedoms must be built from the ground up, for the people, on a firm foundation of sound constitutional laws that give each Australian rights, justice and equity.

We also envisage giving those that unite with us purpose, because purpose fuels passion, and ...only those that believe they are crazy enough to change the world for the better --do!

But our intention is to do it in a way that will lead others to join us, for when we are united, our potential is endless.

We have a dream for a better Australia with end goals, and with deadlines, and we invite all to join with us in reclaiming our freedoms and securing a bright future for those we love, for without them we have nothing!

Here is a downloadable Flyer that shares our Telegram Channel and Website via QR Code: TAP Flyer

Official correspondence can be sent to:

PO Box 4320
Gumdale QLD 4154

The Members Only portion of the website is here:

The Australia Project is about maintaining the sovereignty of all Australians.
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