the project

To unite all Australians seeking liberty, truth, well-being and health

The plan

The Australia Project is a non-political national movement dedicated to achieving the following aims.

Organisational Aims
● Consistent and continuing education of the Australian people about the current political and governmental climate existing in Australia. 

● Consistent and continuing education of the Australian people regarding their rights under commonwealth law rights and their resulting responsibility to take unified action to defend our constitution, our commonwealth and our people from servitude and

● Consistent and continuing education of the Australian people about how to effectively bring sufficient pressure to bear upon our elected officials in order to legally and legitimately demand they comply with the law, fulfill their lawful duty to the Australian people and serve the will of the Australian Nation or step aside permanently.

● Galvanise and unify the Australian people into action to counter the current political threat to our nation.

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The Australia Project is about maintaining the sovereignty of all Australians