Letter submitted?

So what happens next?

THank you!

You sent your letters, and you submitted the information to us, by entering the form.

So what happens next? 

We check the address

We check the address, make sure it is in the correct format. 

Get the Coordinates

We get the coordinates for the address so we can display your entry on the map. 

Update map data

After we have found the gps coordinates we save that with the address so we can draw your entry on the map. 

Draw your entry on the map

After the coordinates are found and the map data is updated in the database we can draw your entry on the map. 

We do this once every 24hrs. 

My entry does not show on the map?

There are several reasons for that: 

  1. The address was not in the correct format, so we have to change it manually. (This is low priority)
  2. The map-update process has not completed yet. 
How long does it take?

After we receive your entry, we check the address and then get the coordinates for that address so we can show it on the map. 

This process runs once every 24hrs. 

Do you use Google Map

No Google map is a paid service and we do our best not to provide income to the Big 5. 

Also to keep the cost down we use as much as possible volunteers and opensource software. 

Thank you