Do you know what an alien is?

Do you know what an alien is?

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There is no such thing as “Private Usufruct“.

1) Usufruct Heavy (Alieni Juris) is the equivalent to an Australian Citizen/ Resident/ Human, locked away in their prison cell, lacking all of their rights.

2) Usufruct Lite (Sui Juris) is an entity, legally defined as a ‘free Person’; not a living man, but a Person, being further defined as a “Subject”, who’s free to roam the exercise yard(s) of his Lord!

Romans 2:11 For there is no respect of persons with God.

The Bar Association is bankrupt to the tune of $279,000,000,000,000. The Bar Association is required to administer PMA’s, as such, are trading whilst insolvent. It’s fraud to aid, abet and conceal fraud!

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Alien 1. A person who was born outside of Australia, whose parents are not Australian, and who has not been naturalised as an Australian 2. A person with no relationship with the state, or a citizen or subject of a foreign state. See also non-citizen

non-citizen A person who is not an Australian citizen. Term used in preference to alien.

Australian Citizen A member of the community of the Commonwealth of Australia, who enjoys certain priviledges and is subject to particular obligations in the community: Australian Citizenship Act 2007 (Cth)

Sui juris 1. In Roman law, the state of not being in the paternal power of another. 2. A person who has attained majority (over 18 years of age) who is of full age and full legal capacity

Source: LexisNexis Concise Australian Legal Dictionary 4th Edition

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