Coat of arms


We See You

As the eyes of the wedgetail eagle can zoom in with precision and accuracy from a distance, 
we too can See you, for all that you are and all that you do.
We Stand Strong and We Stand United.
One Nation Under God.

What Does A Coat of Arms Mean

A coat of arms is a symbol that speaks visually and symbolically about the intentions and aims of a particular group or family. It displays clearly the deep values and time-honored principles, which are immovable and unchanging goals associated with the group founding principles.

what do our symbols mean?

1) At the centre of the COA is the pen and the sword. The pen, over the sword, represents clear accurate and truthful communication that is mightier than the sword and unites all who come under its influence to achieve a common goal. It can highlight injustice, clarify the will of the people and design the future needs of our nation.

2) The two-edged sword represents the standard of law, liberty and justice under the almighty God. It cuts a pathway of liberty for all and holds an entire nation to account. It levels tyranny, removes injustice and demands compliance with existing law. It protects the citizens from illegal government action and demands that no one is above the standard of law.

3) The 3 shields represent protective action. They are the unity and faith of the people in the constitution of our nation which was written by our forebears under almighty god. That strength and faith is strategically placed to protect Uluru, which represents the cultural heart at the centre of Australia.

4) Wedge-tailed eagles are our largest and most feared bird of prey. They fly above all, and their piercing vision is not deceived. It is a symbol that we are ever watchful, committed to justice and ready to act against injustice, corruption and the immoral behaviour of public servants, judges, police, corporations and anyone who lifts them self-up above the Australian people in order to do us harm. We See You..

5) The rising sun represents the sacrifice made for our nation by our Anzacs and veterans whose blood, valour and determination won freedom and liberty for our nation, never to be subjected to tyranny by our own heads of state. These freedoms and rights have now been solidified in the Australian Constitution and are not ever to be dismissed or set at nought by our government. That is our duty and our honour. Lest We Forget.

6) The centre shield depicts our island nation free under the rising sun.

7) The 2 outer shields depicted in red ochre represent the blood of each citizen united in the protection of our nation and its freedoms. Our skin tone and past history no longer matter, and we are united in our red blood and the red ochre soil of our country.


We are a force to be reckoned with when We Stand Together