ELECTORATES AND Freedom CandidateS

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What is your electorate

Federal Electorates were redistributed in 2021. If unsure of your electorate, visit https://electorate.aec.gov.au/. Key in your postcode or suburb. The system will then display your pre-2021 electorate alongside your redistributed current electorate. You should then select your redistributed current electorate.

The below dropdown shows each state separately. Find your electorate and then click the link. This will take you to Join the Conversation website where you will see all the Freedom Candidates in their electorates that are aligned with the How to Vote for Freedom Strategy. 

If your electorate is not linked, your Freedom Candidate information is not yet available. This information will be added and updated as it comes to hand.


We need many boots on the ground and fingers on the phones so let’s get TAP, TAP, TAPPING.
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Equity follows the law


What electorate are you in?

What electorate are you in?

my will and intent is....

How you hold your representatives accountable