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Thanks for taking an interest in our Telegram groups. What we encourage everyone to do first is to join our Main TAP Telegram channel.  Have you joined yet? If not, you are just one click away from being part of the action.

The Purpose Behind Satellite Groups​

Our TAP Satellite Groups are designed to be used as a multi-purpose functional unit.

It is a platform and place where YOU CAN CONNECT with like-minded living men and women in your community and all STAND UP TOGETHER with this movement that The Australia Project has and is bringing together for us all to participate in.

It’s a place where we can campaign for the things that we don’t agree with in our communities and across our country that these evil and tyrannical governments are doing to us. A place where we can say to them WE SEE YOU…


They are a place where we can all COME TOGETHER and support each other to TAKE ACTION and as such a place where we can bring and share ideas, like letter writing meetups or catch-ups over a coffee and a laugh, after-all laughter is the best medicine of all. It’s also a chance to GIVE PEOPLE HOPE, a chance to be surrounded with like-minded people in order to push back on these things that are being rolled out in front of our eyes. LET’S STICK TOGETHER we say.


It’s the chance to CONNECT IN PERSON and give that ever life giving element called a HUG. We mean a proper heart felt hug like the hug you’d give a long lost friend and which energises us in more ways than we can possibly imagine – especially when you hug heart to heart. Your ❤️ to their ❤️. You can become advocates for one another and find out who does what and support each other that way rather than supporting the big conglomerates. SHARING IS CARING.


From here, you will find that your groups start to grow and grow and grow and may eventually splinter out so much so that others decide to also STEP UP as a Leader and take the reins of running their own groups too. WOW imagine that…
Leaders leading and being able to CREATE MORE LEADERS to then lead others.


It’s place to give feedback of what we want and where we want to head and then move forward as a collective. It’s about CREATING NEW SYSTEMS and SHIFTING OLD PARADIGMS in order to BRING ABOUT CHANGE in our communities that work for us, WE THE PEOPLE, for the people and by the people.


It’s an OPPORTUNITY where you can get into, and out and about in your own communities to SPREAD THE WORD and SHARE THE MESSAGE and start to passively and gently educate those around us who may not know, what we know and are blindly following the main stream media and their propaganda and lies.


It CREATES THE SPACE for the coming together of ones that are willing and know that UNITED WE STAND, Divided we fall.

Then, lastly however by no means least….a place to LEND A HAND in times of need, in times of crisis, in times of hardship or just to be nice and do something voluntarily without recompense when someone needs to get to the shops, pick up medications, needs an ear to listen to or a shoulder to cry on and that all important lift under the arm to say “Hey, this is all going to be alright. We are going to MAKE IT HAPPEN. If you’re here we are all on this same journey. We are here to support you in any way we can. All you need to do IS ASK. 🙏


We believe that we are all looking for and wanting A BETTER FUTURE for all of us.



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