How to vote for Freedom – NSW

Use the How to Vote cards as a guide. Our Freedom strategy is to vote Greens last, Labor second last and Liberals third last – all the others you will need to decide where you want to preference them. To help you decide, go and speak to the candidates or write to them and find out what they stand for and who they are giving their preferences to – this will help you decide in which order.

This election is more important than ever because we need a shake up in government. We need to vote for fresh people who are honest and will do the right thing by We the People and carry out the Will and Intent of the people.

Banks Electorate

Barton Electorate

Bennelong Electorate

Berowra Electorate

Blaxland Electorate

Bradfield Electorate

Calare Electorate

Chifley Electorate

Cook Electorate

Cowper Electorate

Cunningham Electorate

Dobell Electorate

Eden-Monaro Electorate

Farrer Fraser Electorate

Fowler Electorate

Gilmore Electorate

Grayndler Electorate

Greenway Electorate

Hughes Electorate

Hume Electorate

Hunter Electorate

Kingsford Smith Electorate

Lindsay Electorate

Lyne Electorate

Macarthur Electorate

MacKellar Electorate

Macquarie Electorate

McMahon Electorate

Mitchell Electorate

New England Electorate

Newcastle Electorate

North Sydney Electorate

Page Electorate

Parkes Electorate

Parramatta Electorate

Paterson Electorate

Reid Electorate

Richmond Electorate

Riverina Electorate

Robertson Electorate

Shortland Electorate

Sydney Electorate

Warringah Electorate

Watson Electorate

Wentworth Electorate

Werriwa Electorate

Whitlam Electorate