How to vote for Freedom – VIC

Use the How to Vote cards as a guide. Our Freedom strategy is to vote Greens last, Labor second last and Liberals third last – all the others you will need to decide where you want to preference them. To help you decide, go and speak to the candidates or write to them and find out what they stand for and who they are giving their preferences to – this will help you decide in which order.

This election is more important than ever because we need a shake up in government. We need to vote for fresh people who are honest and will do the right thing by We the People and carry out the Will and Intent of the people.

Aston Electorate

Ballarat Electorate

Bendigo Electorate

Bruce Electorate

Calwell Electorate

Casey Electorate

Chisholm Electorate

Cooper Electorate

Corangamite Electorate

Corio Electorate

Deakin Electorate

Dunkley Electorate

Flinders Electorate

Fraser Electorate

Gellibrand Electorate

Gippsland Electorate

Goldstein Electorate

Gorton Electorate

Hawke Electorate

Higgins Electorate

Holt Electorate

Hotham Electorate

Indi Electorate

Isaacs Electorate

Jagajaga Electorate

Kooyong Electorate

La Trobe Electorate

Lalor Electorate

Macnamara Electorate

Mallee Electorate

Maribyrong Electorate

McEwen Electorate

Melbourne Electorate

Menzies Electorate

Monash Electorate

Nicholls Electorate

Scullin Electorate

Wannon Electorate

Wills Electorate