Equality in the eyes of the Law and to equal Representation


It’s time to become educated because if you don’t know your rights you essentially have none.

Knowing and understanding what your rights are, legal or otherwise, can be a challenging and confusing time . 

Now more than ever is the time we need to be looking after our interests, which means we need to set aside some time to start to know and understand what rights we have and how we can exercise them when confronted with issues rather than being steam rolled or bullied into complying.

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important acts to know

Equality is Equity

External videos provided by the International Law Community

International Law is being utilised in the formation of Sovereign Nations throughout Australia and beyond. The International Law Community Rumble Channel was created to provide education on International Law for the benefit of all. International Law is the Law of Nature and the Law of Nations, creating a way forward for all those seeking Self Determination and Self Governance.

equity follows the law

Know and understand how powerful the maxims of law are