October website updates

It's been a crazy month.

We been cooking up a storm in the TAP kitchen, slaving over the hot machines, hammering on our keyboards and with a sprinkle of creativity we are now here. 

The web team started early this month (October 2021) and here we are after a few long hours by the team (who are all volunteers), working hard in the kitchen. Let me present to you 


About TAP

It was a long time coming but here it is all you ever wanted to know about The Australia Project.
Our Vision
Our Mission
Our Ethos

The Australia Project Logo
Refreshed logo

Our inhouse graphic wizard refreshed the logo, changed it to suite the webpage layout, just made it look good.
The letter templates the page for getting the template for the letter you want to sent.

Complete new website

Out with the old... in with the new. The web support team has completely redesigned and rewritten the page from teh ground up. With the vision and future for tap in mind we believe we have a good foundation

Letter writing, recording and reporting

We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to find the letters to use.
The old system used google drive and forms to record the letters, countless hours did go into recording and updating the letters online, this needed to change so we changed it.
The letter templates the page for getting the template for the letter you want to sent.
The letter registration here is where you now can enter the letters you have sent, this will be stored in our secure db and used to show on the map.
The letter recipients the map showing ALL YOUR HARD WORK, it takes a bit of time to load as the db is getting quite big.
The letter statistics quick overview of how many letters, we continue to add to this page for easy tracking.

Letter Registration

To make it as easy as possible we created a simple flowing form, as you go through the form more information and details will be displayed for you to use.

We are planning a bulk upload option, but that is still a bit of time away. .

The Letter Recipients map
The Letter Recipients map

We completely rewrote this, original drawn by Google Maps, it now is all inhouse. When you lodge your letter details we "automatically" once a day update your data with the lat/long and it will show up on the map accordingly.

You can select any of the types (AHRPA, Doctors etc) on the left to have them displayed on the map.
You can zoom in or click on the circles or markers to show the details of the letter eg to whom sent etc.

The Events Calendar

Still in its infant stage, and as we progressing we will be adding more and more events, if you have an event pleas let us know.

The Contact Us page

We upgraded, actually rebuild, the contact us page so that when you sent us a message it automatically creates a support ticket. This ticket then will be forwarded to the best suitable person. Not only that when you log in you can see all your tickets and responses.

Member dashboard

When you login as a member you will see a dasboard with a few tabs you can flick through.

Latest TAP News, this is where you will find the latest posts from Us.
Latest Member Post, you can post to the site, we check the information and if correct the we post it. We are looking for local stories and events.
Tickets Tickets your raised, tickets assigned to you. History of your contact to us.
Membership Details Your information you can change your details here.

Depending on your membership level/role your dashboard will contain different options. For example the ExecTeam has a statistics tap where they can see what is happening. We are planning different role structures based upon your involvement in TAP.


We implemented a ticket system, as previous mentioned, when you submit a contact form to us it raises a ticket. Any ticket you raised will be processes and when you login into your account you will see ALL tickets that belong to you.

What's cooking for next month?

Time will tell. 

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