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What happens after we send out the letters?
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Am I able to modify the letters?

A.  Yes, the letters are a guide to assist you or you can leave as is and send out. Just add the names on them before you do and sign them.

What if I do not have enough money to post my letters?

A.  Letters can also be sent via email or hand delivered if you feel comfortable doing that

Do I have to put my own name on the letters?

A. No not necessarily. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can sign them as “concerned Australian” or “We the People”.


What impact are our letters having?

A. We are seeing people from the various industries starting to realise that what is going on is not right. Doctors, nurses, health workers and police are starting to see and are standing with us
now. We are making a difference so keep it up.

What kind of responses are we getting?

We have received many many letters from doctors and individuals thanking us and also some not so nice and even nasty letters.

We expected that though. At least we know we are making an impact and people are taking the time to respond – good feedback and not so good feedback is great because it let’s us know we are on the right path to making a difference.

Are we reaching the media yet?

We are getting articles written from various sources about our movement and what we are achieving. One of our members even mentioned it was mentioned on one of the news channels.

Although these articles are not written after consultation with the TAP Leaders, it is the author/journalist’s own spin on what they see, any publicity is good as it is getting the awareness out there about TAP.

Refer to the articles in the Links of Interest page

Australian Medical Journal Article

This article was sent to TAP Leadership anonamously and was found in the Australian Medical Journal. 

We are making an impact!
Click on the image and open in new tab and you will be able to read it with eaze.

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