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Thanks for taking an interest in our Telegram groups. What we encourage everyone to do first is to join our Main TAP Telegram channel.  Have you joined yet? If not, you are just one click away from being part of the action.

Just Click here NOW to join our main TAP Telegram group

How to find a TAP Satellite Group in your area that you can connect with on Telegram

Step 1:  Click on the Map Menu (Icon [→] in top left corner of Map header) to see the list of TAP Satellite Groups.
Step 2:  Click on the Group name or the corresponding area on the Map. 
Step 3:  It will show the name of the Satellite Group. Click the telegram link to join.

Note:  If on a computer you can use your mouse to zoom in and out on the map.

Leading a TAP Satellite Group is Amazing

If your area has no TAP satellite group, then why not start one? See below how to get started. 

Step 1

You must have a Telegram account before you proceed.

Step 2

Check that a TAP Satellite Group for the area you want is not already created both on map and in Telegram.

Step 3

 If no group already setup, then you can create a Channel and/or Group in Telegram

Step 4

Once you have finalised the setting up of your Telegram Channel and/or Group, then please let us know by completing the registration process in order for your group to show up on the map above.

That way others will be able to find you, join you and help you in the cause we are wanting to achieve together.

Step 5

Grow and support your group in any way you can. As an admin reach out to join our TAP Satellite Group Admins page and be supported with updates, ideas, suggestions and tips to help you grow and share with other admins. You are not alone in this journey

United We Stand

Step 1: Check that a TAP Satellite Group for the area you want is not already created both on map and in Telegram.

Step 2: If not, you can create one in Telegram – follow the same name format as other groups already setup eg Group Name is Tap Melbourne.
The group is made Public and then you can choose the link name ttps:// which uses the handle  @TAPMelbourne.

Some prefer to set up a Chanel first (this becomes your posting page with no chat) and it links to a Group (this becomes your chat area)

This is a pretty good way to setup your Satellite Group as it keeps your posting clean from your chats and allows your members to see the most important information free of the chit/chat

Step 3:    Go to your profile in Telegram and click on it
Step 4:    Choose the Add New Group icon
Step 5:    Add your group name eg TAP Melbourne
Step 6:    Add at least one member so you can create the group – SAVE
Step 7:   
Click on the three dots at the top right and Manage Group
Step 8:    Change the group from private to public
Step 9:    Add your group name eg t/me/TAPMelbourne – SAVE
Step 10:  Go to permissions
Step 11:    Change the permissions to suit your group – SAVE
Step 12:    Change the icon of the group to the TAP logo – SAVE

Then you need to register the group with TAP so that it can be added to the website map.

Step 13:  Once completed, click here to register your TAP Satellite Group so it can be added to the map and members can join your group

Step 14:  Support your group of where to find things easily and administer your group so it keeps with the guidelines of what TAP stands for and what it is all about. Remove any irrelevant posts, trolls or abusive people. Setup your group guidelines. Reach out to TAP admins if you require assistance with this.

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