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Leading a TAP Satellite Group is Amazing

If your area has no TAP satellite group, then why not start one? See below how to get started. 

United We Stand

Step 1: Check that a TAP Satellite Group for the area you want is not already created both on map and in Telegram.  Check it under Find a TAP Satellite

Step 2: If not, you can create one in Telegram – follow the same name format as other groups already setup eg Group Name is Tap Fremantle.

Create a channel first and give it the name of your channel ie TAP Fremantle
Then make the channel public and it will ask for a link name
If someone asks for your telegram handle you would give them
eg @TAPFremantle

You MUST include the word TAP at the beginning of your GROUP name AND your group link so that we can promote it on the website and through social media and the magazine.

If you already have a group setup and don’t wish to change your name to be in alignment with the TAP groups philosophy, consistency and branding, then you might consider becoming a group under ANCOP instead.

Setting up a channel first is a great idea because only your posts go into the channel, no comments from others, that goes into the group. You then create a group that links to the channel which can be private and this is where your members chat and comment on the posts that flow through from your channel automatically when you post them there.

This is a pretty good way to setup your Satellite Group as it keeps your posting clean from your chats and allows your members to see the most important information free of the chit chat.

Step 3:    Go to your profile in Telegram and click on it
Step 4:    Choose the New Channel icon first
Step 5:    Add your group name eg TAP Fremantle (Must include TAP at front)
Step 6:    Add at least one member so you can create the channel – SAVE
Step 7:   
Click on the three dots at the top right and Manage Group
Step 8:    Change the group from private to public
Step 9:    Add your group link name eg – (must inlcude TAP at front of link name) SAVE
Step 10:  Go to permissions
Step 11:  Change the permissions to suit your group – SAVE
Step 12:  Change the icon of the group to the TAP logo – SAVE
Step 13:  Go through the same process steps 3 -7 again and create new group
Step 14:  Go back to the channel and manage the group
Step 15:  Link the channel to the group under Step 14.

Once you’re done you need to Register your channel with TAP so that it can be added to the website map.

DO NOT Register the channel until you have set it up in Telegram

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