The answers to the questions

The answers to the questions

We now introduced a Frequent Asked Question Section, why would you ask.

  • We receive tickets with common questions, don’t stop raising tickets (contact us) but also check the Question and Answers sections in the tabs.
  • The Q&A will be used to setup instructions and guides on how to do things or where to find additional information.

Where can I find the Questions And Answers

The plan is to have a Q&A entry point under each menu on the website for example on for the TAP satellites, one for the letter writing and so on. This will not stop you from finding answers to questions of other things, it just makes it easier to get started.

Will the Q&A replace the tickets/Contact us process?

No, it will not. Tickets will still be used, at the moment they provide a “direct” link to us. When you raise a ticket by completing contact us form, the support team, exec team, social media team etc get notified. This works really well and we want you to use it, the Q&A is to allow you to find answers quickly to the more common questions like How to use Telegram or How to register a TAP Satellite group.

What happens if I ask a question in the Q&A section?

Your question is for ALL to see and to answer, ok only for those who are logged in. The Q&A is not open to the public it is for TAP members only, you know why.

The main difference between Q&A and the Ticket system is, RESOURCES. The ticket system is only accusable for the support people, the Q&A allows everybody to answer your question.

A really nice feature is, that all TAPPERS (TAP members) can vote up or down the answer, based upon their experience with the answer. This means the best suitable answer for the question will float to the top… :-).

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