group action

Mortgage Title Deeds

group action

Are you a mortgage owner?
Have you heard that Title Deeds have been destroyed and you’ll never get them back?
Would you join a group of people to take action against the banks or title companies with the aim to get back or be compensated for what is rightfully yours should we win?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES…then login to the TAP site as a member and complete the form to join the Group Action re Title Deeds. 

 There will be a small cost involved and this will be on the form. You will receive further instructions in due course about where to deposit the funds in trust in order to start this legal matter.

Only those that have completed and submitted both form and funds will be included and you will receive a confirmation when that happens.

You will have til 18th November 2022 to submit your form and transfer your funds (once the details have been sent to you to do that).

Any further queries please send through an email here and our team will handle it.


Are you paying the right entity council rates or fines?