/          /2021


To all Police Officers and Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel within Australia,


My dear brothers and sisters in blue and khaki. As a member of the Australian People I am writing to you about the dire circumstances that exist within our once great nation. The illegal actions of our state and federal governments are causing terrible division within our nation. Our governments and our medical staff are now even killing our children with illegal vaccines; our police are shooting us with rubber bullets while our ADF is being prepared to take action against the people of Australia. Our once great nation is falling apart. It surely will no longer remain if we do not unite against the tyrannical forces of evil that are deeply embedded within the political parties, universities, corporations and governments of Australia.


As police, trained in the upholding of law and order, you are all aware of the laws that are being broken. I know that many of you are sick in your hearts and ashamed of the actions of your leaders. Far from defending the law, your leaders have directed you to commit crimes against your families and friends, communities and even against your nation.


When a government fails to obey the rule of law and then sends our police personnel against the public, we are all injured in our soul. We are all diminished and darkness rejoices. Here in Australia we are no longer governed by law, but by thuggery. The most powerful gang of the day is calling the shots and they are using you to reinforce their evil and corrupt plans, namely;


      They are bankrupting the nation.

      They are dividing the nation.

      They are destroying the family.

      They are lying to us about the best way to stop the so-called pandemic and the world and Australia knows it.

      We know that you know it also.


As soldiers, you are trained on par with the best in the world to win at war. The problem is, my brothers and sisters, that the people of Australia are not your enemies. We and our children are the ones who require your protection. Our prime minister recently stated that he wanted everyone to be home for christmas. He didn’t want the virus to kill anyone else. Then he organised the injection of 24,000 school children. Two of them will never go home. The buck stops with him.


As Soldiers and Police officers you are therefore called upon by your nation to fight with us from this day forward. We plead with you to stand up against your leaders.


We require the police of Australia to strike, stop enforcing the unlawful directions, fail to see the offences and join together in your unions to support one another to bring the police dictatorship to an end. We beg you to do this for the children of Australia who are 30% of the population and 100% of our future.


We call upon the ADF to refuse to take action against the People of Australia. We call upon you to protect us by standing up to your leaders and removing them from power and authority. If the ADF fires even one shot against its own people, it will be the saddest day in the history of our nation. If the ADF allows itself to be used by the government to march against the People of Australia, then the ADF will have gone from fighting Nazis to actually being the powerful enforcement arm of Nazis. I assure you that if you do not stand up for us now, you will never sit in the company of our ANZACS and our WW2 Veterans and our Vietnam Veterans. We will close the RSLs to you, remove your names from our rolls of honour and eventually prosecute you as traitors.


The tide of any and all evil regimes eventually changes. The power will switch and the time for that to happen is now.


We beg you to stand up with the Australian people and preserve our liberty so hard won for us by our forefathers and foremothers.


May you stand tall and stand with truth and with God. Come to our aid, I beg you.