Equality in the eyes of the Law and to equal Representation


It’s time to become educated because if you don’t know your rights you essentially have none.

Knowing and understanding what your rights, legal or otherwise, can be a challenging and confusing time however now more than ever is the time we need to be looking after our interests, which means we need to set aside some time to start to know and understand what rights we have and how we can exercise them when confronted with issues rather than being steam rolled or bullied into complying.

Are you being challenged with all these rules and regulations?

What would you do if you found out we have all been misled regarding COVID and this costs you everything?

What would you do?

Equality is Equity

Restrive Maxims
I.  Equity follows the law.
II.  Between equal equities, law prevails.
III. Between equal equities, priority of time prevails.
IV.  Who seeks, must do, equity.
V.  Who seeks equity must come with clean hands.
VI.  Equity aids the vigilant.


Enabling Maxims
I.  Ubi jus ibi remedium –  Where there is a right, there is a remedy
II.  Equity regards substance rather than form.
III.  Equity regards that as done which ought to be done.
IV.  Equity imputes an intention to fulfil an obligation.
V.  Equity acts in personam.
VI.  Equity acts specifically.
VII.  Equity prevents multiplicity.
VIII.  Equality is equity.

important acts to know

equity follows the law

Know and understand how powerful the maxims of law are