Our Ethos

Unite Inspire Create


We give those that unite with us purpose, because purpose fuels passion, and .. only those that believe they are crazy enough to change the world for the better — DO!


We embody Health as we believe all Australians should be able to have access to good food, clean water and a roof over their head.

We believe in Justice because our unalienable rights are inherent, Sovereign, Natural Rights have existed before the creation of the state and can never be taken away, diminished, altered or levied by the State, except by Due Process of Law.

We provide education to encourage everyone to take personal responsibility for their health, financial and spiritual well-being and to KNOW THEIR RIGHTS so they can stand by them in times of need. To enrich and energise people so they may serve humanity in their own way, freely express  themselves and live their dreams.

We serve humanity by supporting them, standing with them and uniting them as they align with us and the betterment of humanity and the planet.


All is born of water, all is sustained by water ~ Goethe