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TAP street reps app

The Australia Project (TAP) is pleased to announce another exciting initiative called TAP Street Reps (TSR).

TAP is not a political party and is fast becoming Australia’s largest lobby group supporting all TAP aligned Freedom Candidates (FC).  This means that the FC’s have agreed to preference Liberals (3rd last), Labor (2nd last) and Greens (last) on their How to Vote cards.  TAP will continue to initiate campaigns, that both unify our objective for freedom, and fight for our rights as Australians.

A vast and growing number of Australians are passionate about creating a new and honest government with representatives who will follow the “Will and Intent” of the people. Some of these Independent Australians are deciding to step up as a people’s representative for government in their electorate.

Equity follows the law

The TSR app aids in locating FC’s running within an electorate. It also helps people to become official Street Reps for the FC of their choice.

While TAP is very motivated to aid the charge for freedom and Make Australia Lucky Again, we wish to make clear TAP is not endorsing any specific FC and the choice to support any FC remains the responsibility of every free Australian.

It is important to note and be aware: The TSR app was created using third party software through the Jotform platform. When you enter any details on these encrypted forms, that data is confidentially transferred to and stored on Jotform’s servers . TAP has contracted with Jotform to utilise the encryption feature to keep this data base private and safe. Neither TAP nor Jotforms is permitted to share any of your data without your permission and TAP will do everything possible to keep your data as secure.

It is important to note: TAP will not have access to the FC’s database and the FC does not have access to TAP’s database. The TSR app provides the ability for each TAP Street Rep to connect directly and privately with an FC’s app, however we anticipate that freedom loving street reps will probably choose to not only connect with their FC’s app, they will also help deliver material so the upcoming election will be won for the freedom of this country.

TAP FOR FREEDOMQR Code for TAP STREET REPStinyurl.com/tap4freedom
This is NOT a Govt QR code.
It is for connecting to the TAP Street Reps APP.

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