Real world experience

Real world experience

NOTE: This is published with permission, from the author.

I have waited for some time to write this as it is quite distressing but now is the time.

This is from my friend who went to the epicenter in Italy last year. She was on the news last year, you may have seen her. Now she wants to share her story. Brace yourselves.

I am an ICU/ED nurse with over 22 years of experience. I am moving up north and have found that any job I have applied for requires me to have the experimental jab …..which I will not….hence I am currently unemployed. My husband and I have just recently bought a house and I am obviously concerned but I am still willing to walk away from a career I have given my heart and soul to over the years . I will not compromise my health or my freedoms and give in to the control and fear mongering that threatens our livelihoods and discredits and dishonours the freedoms that my grandfather and many others fought for in wars of the past.

Perhaps my experience last year will give you all even more reason to stand firm and believe what you are doing is not only right …..but will have far greater ramifications for others in the future .

We must stand our ground.

In April last year I volunteered to go to Cremona in Northern Italy to work in an emergency field hospital ICU . Cremona was the worst hit in the world at the time apart from Wuhan. At the time no one really knew what Covid was but the thought pattern was already that to ventilate a patient was an absolute last resort and to use non invasive ventilation such as CPAP was not recommended as it not only put the patients at risk but also the staff caring for them…..but this is what we did.

There was emerging evidence that high dose IV Vitamin C (àmong other medications) was showing success in treatment of patients in the early stages of Covid but this was never used in my time in Italy. I have cared for patients through SARS and Swine flu, this was the first time that I had experienced a complete lack of trying to find ways to treat the virus and prevent the patient from getting worse . Even back then there was talk of a vaccine that would be developed.

My time in the ICU was probably one of the toughest times of my life. It was physically exhausting , mentally gruelling and the spiritual darkness that enveloped the world was overwhelming. Only one of my patients survived in the four weeks I was there but if I am honest they didn’t die of Covid….they died of the long term complications of ventilation. Many of the complications they had in the earlier stages were similar to those currently being exhibited in those who have had the experimental jab – coagulation issues, pulmonary oedema, fevers, rashes …the list goes on. We did what we could …… the Italian nurse did what they could. At times we had up to three ventilated patients each due to the shortage of staff.

And you know what ….despite all this and the horrors I saw and experienced I will still not have the experimental jab.

I AM NOT an anti vaxer as so many conveniently like to call me. I have had all the required vaccinations to allow me to work and travel. The difference is these were vaccines that had been through years of testing. They use tried and true technology…they are safe and they protect the individual from both getting and spreading the illnesses. I DO NOT give informed consent and as such it is illegal and immoral to force me or to try to coerce me with threats. After years of being exposed to all kinds of bacteria,viruses and the like I have a robust and healthy immune system that protected me in Italy and I trust it will continue to do so if I do get Covid. And even after all I have seen I would still prefer to take my chances with Covid than the experimental drug that everyone from the politicians to journalists continue to push yet so many of us on the front line are so concerned about that we are risking all to speak out and be heard.

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  1. Gosh, this is tragic to hear the ignorance and the lack of trying like you say. I wish you all the courage to keep up this fight and a job that deserves you! Thank you for your testimony. I am sorry you had to witness this travesty but I am glad to know the truth that struck Italy in the early stages from someone who was actually there, God bless your efforts.

  2. Extreme EVIL has overtaken the Whole of the Medical / Pharmaceutical industry. The jabs have become a HUGE Money Maker. They just don’t care about people. They don’t know us, we are just a lump of flesh to them. WE SEE YOU! – WE WILL NOT FORGET – NEUREMBERG 2.0

  3. Good on you. We are facing unprecedented times and it will almost now be up to those vaccinated (as rates increase across the world) to see the ‘evil’ which is being perpetrated under the auspice of “For yours’s and the communities’ health”. I will also probably lose both my jobs in the near future but this will not stop me from holding my position. Yes, I may get covid and die but I do that knowing I am holding onto the truth. So many people have been coerced and forced into taking a vaccine. Many do not realise that they are now under the total control of their governments. Fauci, recently announced that everyone will probably have to a new ‘shot’ every 5 or 6 mths as we prepare for new variants. Make’s me wonder!

    I have worked with underprivileged people for 40 years and now the government and society wish to take this away from me, along with my freedom to enter a restaurant, hotel, basically any in-door venue, and not being with friends etc – Even though substantial evidence is available that the vaccinated share and spread the disease as do the unvaccinated. All logic and common sense lost through the ‘Fear Mongering” and destruction of all basic human rights. A new world is certainly with us, but I must live with myself and I would prefer to live on the streets then to give up my basic human rights, such as choice of what I put inside my body.

    We all prayer and hope for some divine intervention but I cannot recall this happening at other times in our abysmal human rights history. However, I do believe it may “implode” and this may be our only savior.

    Stay strong, maintain positive thoughts and energy, keep yourself fit and healthy and one day we may all unite for a better world.


  4. 20 million deaths worldwide, 2 billion injured or maimed , that’s what the Australian government calls safe and effective


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